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SITS is an Indian a complete IT solution company situated at Laxmi Nagar New Delhi. Our company estabilized on 20 Feb 2020. SITS founded by Gopal Sharma. SITS provides only software products. SITS company basically focus on those clients which have issues related information technologies. Our company employees always design new and authentic and attractive website for each clients. We also provides free maintaince of all software product with some terms and conditions of our company. We basically develops websites for E-commerce websites, Courier management system websites, Blogs websites, Brochure websites, Business websites, Entertainment websites, News & Magazine websites, Non-profit websites, Online forum websites, Personal websites and Professional websites, NGO websites, School websites, Hospital websites. We also provides different types of facilities to our clients such as free promotion of all websites with free of cost registration of all Social Media platforms with promotions of all platforms with efficient effectively cost. Our company also deals with the problems of our clients related with the Digital Marketing, Bulk Messaging & E-mail Messaging. We also develop and provides ERP & CRM, and Domain & Hosting facilities to our clients. We also develops Mobile applications for clients such as Web applications, Native applications, Gaming applications, Hybrid applications. Our company all employees are professional workers and experienced holder. Our company employees they do their work with smart techniques and be honest in their proffessions.

Native Apps:

Native Apps are written in a specific programming language to work on a particular Operating system. A majority of the smartphones either run an Android OS or the iOS if it’s an apple device. Native Apps are specifically built for specific OS to make the most of the functionalities of the devices that run the particular OS.

Web Apps:

Web apps or mobile web apps work can be accessed from an internet browser window. It does not require any storage space or installation process to use the app. Mobile web apps adapt to various screen sizes and devices easily.

Hybrid Apps:

Hybrid apps combine the best of both native and web apps. The hybrid apps are written using HTML, Javascript, and CSS web technologies and work across devices running different OSs. Development teams will not need to struggle with Objective-C or Swift to build native apps anymore, and use standard web technologies like Javascript, Angular, HTML and CSS. The mobile development framework Cordova wraps the Javascript/HTML code and links the hardware and functions of the device.

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Our Services

Mobile Application

We develop Native applications, Web applications and Hybrid application for clients as per the requirement of our clients. Web apps or mobile web apps work can be accessed from an internet browser windows.

Software Development

We develop software for specific organization as per there requirement to reduce there complex load and solve their complex problems. We devleop software for clients such as Billing Management System, Library Management System, Courier Management System, Tracking Management System, Client Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning Management System.

Google Adswords

We always give right suggestion to our clients and peoples who start their business startup. We provide Start instant selling, to the right people at right place with right platform" The PPC - Pay Per Click advertising model is just that allows you to increase your success rate in the market.

Web Design & Development

We Design authentic, attractive website and we never give more complicated features in our websites. We always design responsive and dynamic web pages in our whole websites. Our company employees always design a website design with latest technologies.

Graphics Works

We creates all types graphics designs such as Logo design, Banner design, Templates design, Broucher design, Poster design and we also creates animated videos for our clients as per there requirements.

Digital Marketing

Digital needs to be pervasive – tinkering at the edges is not enough. Digital needs to be in every part of the organization to make its effect truly felt. Digital demands continuous disruption in the way you think, the way you work, and the way you engage with customers and within your value network.

Social Media Platform Promotions

We first creates all social media platforms accounts and creates social media pages for our clients and we will also promote your each accounts and pages.


We also provides Search Engine Optimization Facilities to our clients to promotes their websites and we also register clients business on maps and we also promotes them with the help of search engine optimization.


We also provides CRM facilities to our clients. In Customer Management System digs deep into the processes and systems that maintain customer relationships, streamlining the bits and bobs that your sales, support, and marketing teams use to keep them.


Our aim is to help you deliver great website experiences, increase revenues and grow your business. We work on a wide variety of Website projects, we know each project will be different so we approach each project with an open mind and manage each piece of be spoke Website in a way that suits the individual project.


From the moment you dial, you’re put in touch with a trained developer and guaranted to receive useful advice and honest feedback.

We work with you to identify the project details and determine the features, functions, content categories, timeline and other specifications.



Once the features are defined, we move on to the design. Upon approval of the design, we move on to the meat and potatoes of your website.

We tinker and test to ensure that everything is working. We also train you on how to use the website’s content management system (CMS).



Once the system has been completed and accepted, we’ll work with you to install it on the agreed hosting platform.

We provide 24/7 automated monitoring as standard and optionally 24/7 phone support where required.


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We Listen

We work for our clients to solve there problems. We always pay attention that our clients are always happy with us.

We Make It Easy

We always give our best products to clients. We always provide simple useable features in our products. It's helps every one can use all feartures easily.

We’re Experienced

Our team is made up of qualified Software Engineer & Technician. When it comes to Do work, we really know our stuff.

We Never Stop

We are working continously with out any break. First we make a plan n then we implement on that plann.

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